About A Sense of Place

Welcome to the A Sense of Place blog.

A Sense of Place brings together thoughts about identity and place.  This considers the relationship between our sense of identity and geographical place and other factors that influence ‘our place in the world’.

To what extent is ‘who we are’ a product of ‘where we are’?  How much do the places we inhabit influence who we become?  Is this different at different stages of our lives ? What happens to our identity when we leave – places, roles relationships ?  Or when they leave us ?

A Sense of Place will also reflect on other influences on our sense of identity including ; our interaction with the arts, and cultural activities, the natural world, and our relationship with our own abilities, our past and heritage.

Some of these thoughts will be very personal and reflect the places and experiences that have directly shaped me. Others less so.

[A note about A Sense of Place. Some factors that do directly influence our identity including (but not limited to); gender, ethnicity, and sexuality are not directly reflected upon. That’s not in any way to deny the central importance of these factors for many of us – but it is not the intentional focus of this blog].


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